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Swasthi Foundation

Swasthi Foundation is a well known charitable organization that has made its presence felt in the social welfare, healthcare and environment protection scenario in Kerala .

Swasthi Foundation came into being in late 2013.  It was founded by a group of people, with a desire to do unto mankind, the goodness, Divinity has bestowed on all things living. Being human need brains that work for you, to be humane requires a heart that seeks to help those in need. The sufferings around us touch us only if we have eyes that see, even in the shadows. A helping hand to the needy was the thought behind the formation of Swasthi Foundation. Under the Chairmanship of former DGP Sri. Jacob Punnoose IPS, Swasthi Charitable Trust deed was executed on 22nd December 2012. Lighting a candle is better than cursing the darkness, that is what Swasthi Foundation has striven to do since then.  A wide classification has put all sufferings into broad categories. Illness, poverty, illiteracy and safety are the areas of interest that Swasthi has chosen to address. To get an idea of the spectrum, one need to take a look at the various project undertaken. Swasthi Soukhya is the healthcare mission of Swasthi Foundation. This wing takes on the occurrence of diseases and offers help in cure. Snehajyothi on the other hand lend support to the cause of those who are differently abled. Sukhino Bhavanthu on the other hand is all about environment protection. Thus the vast spectrum of Swasthi activities is comprehensive and all encompassing

Other than the Revive Vellayani Project the other major projects of Swasthi Foundation that has caught publc attention are

  1. Snehathalam: A cancer detection and care program that has already benefitted more than two hundred thousand (2 Lakh) people.
  2. Snehajyothi : A program that seeks to unravel the latent talents in children with behavioural differences
  3. Snehasagaram: A healthcare program for the brave fishermen who stepped out to save lives during the flood of 2018 and their families
  4. Snehajwala: A project that trains women in self defence enabling them to protect themselves. This program also has an app that helps them contact the police when in trouble.
  5. Swasthi Shishya: A project to train young school students in key skills like communication skills, public speaking, group discussion, leadership qualities etc with an eye on preparing them for a Civil Service Career.
  6. Mikavinte Moonu Dinangal: An annual three day camp run with the association of Malayala Manorama exposing school children to excellence in every field, by getting them to interact with the very best in various fields.
  7. Kaaval Kanninu Kaaval: This project takes care of the watching and protecting eyes of the policemen, who are often taken for granted.
  8. Rakshaka Raksha: A cancer care program for policemen and their families.
  9. Nithya Prakasam: Is an eye care program for the general public. Eye care is often uncared for and results in loss of eye sight. This seeks to correct this.
  10. Sneha Theeram is the co running project alongside Revive Vellayani, to assess and Remedy health problem that have emanated from the pollution of the Lake Vellayani
  11. Sneha Drishti will be a project that will bring out talents hidden visually challenged people.
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